You curate the art, we create the tech is an everyday Curator's Tool that assists you in all tasks, from devising ideas, to planning, creating and organizing your exhibition in reality. Once completed, you will have already produced a digital museum & audio-guide. Congrats! From here, your path to an advanced digital exhibition is but a short step away! Learn more below.

4 components

Step by Step Convenient Workflow

Curator's Tool

Your tool to manage ideas and content. Import data from MuseumPlus or FilemakerPro to manage your collection, check loan feasibility, monitor deadlines and much more. All in a drag and drop environment. Text creation and editing of artwork information made easy.

Full Digital Guide

The Curator’s Tool helps organize all the work in one place, e.g. contents, ideas, time-lines, collaborating parties and copyrights - meaning you have everything you need in one location to launch your museum's multilingual Digital Guide. Bring audio guides, images, videos, texts, location-maps and much more directly to your visitors pocket’s.

Full Digital Tour

Make your exhibition or collection globally accessible. Apply the latest technologies to create content that both new as well as experienced visitors can appreciate. Enlarge physical shows with value added content, in-depth explanation and use gamification aspects. We also offer an optional ticket module (paywall or donations).

Longtime Digital Archive

Make your exhibitions permanently accessible. We provide the platform of data-containment and security. Furthermore we will transfer the data to all future displaying-technology-standard. We will ensure that everything is mirrored on multiple servers in order to reach real redundancy.

the future

No App Stores
just Web Apps

5G is knocking to the door. Most of the big tech-companies will allow  the concept of apps to expire within the next decade. Everything will be based on web-apps – with the same functionality as apps, but no permanent phone storage.

The Guide Scenario: Inside the museum space

The Full Digital Guide can be used offline after initial loading. Touch a field with your smartphone or alternatively scan a QR-Code to jump to the dedicated description or audio guide. Switch off your screen and listen to the audio guide. Let visitors play a game to enjoy their stay even more. Or let them see where they are, by looking on the digital location map.

The Tour Scenario: Everywhere else then the museum space

The Full Digital Tour is best accessible with a constant internet connection. A lot of high quality images, pictures and videos are potentially available here. Merging together to form one easy-to-overview multimedia experience. A 360 tour, VR, detailed descriptions, audio guide, video content, sculpture walk-around and much more. Everything can be edited by the museum's personnel.

Design Optimized

Neat design and performance on all devices.

360 Tour

Get a sense of the space, the atmosphere.

Text Descriptions

Details and facts about an artwork or series.

Audio Guide

Navigate through the titles with ease.

360 Sculptures

Walk digitally around an artwork, with a swipe.


Every museum can edit logo, colors, fonts and modules.


Physical Exhibition
goes Digital

Have you ever looked at an artwork and asked yourself “What was the artist’s inspiration, in what era and under what circumstances was it created?”
This information and many other details can be provided. Just choose from a variety of different modules. As you wish, as it’s needed.

Digital tour

Digital Guide / Tour Modules

Pick the modules you need and create exciting experiences. Use existing contents or create new media on demand.

Text Description

Add basic descriptions to each artwork (e.g. artist, title, date, size, material) and any further information. You can edit the text of each space in the museum and apply this general text to all artworks in it, or you provide written details to each artwork / series. Information about the historical context or facts about the artist can also be provided.

- for Digital Guide

- for Digital Tour


Can be used in two ways: At home, while visiting the Digital Tour, or in the Museum as a Digital Guide. Your visitor carries around a highly capable device for audio guides around with them. Each visitor can scan a QR-Code at the entrance and listen to the audio guide through headphones. Headphones can be provided at a small price to people who didn’t bring their own. This, in turn, avoids disruptive sound for other visitors.

- for Digital Guide

- for Digital Tour

Film & Video

This module can either be used as pop-up-window out of the 360 Tour or be shown in the details section. Videos can be uploaded by the Curator's Tool. Due to wifi connections and mobile internet often being compromised inside the museum, this module can only be used in the Digital Tour (from home). If a stable broadband wifi is provided within the museum, video can also be enabled also in the Digital Guide.

- for Digital Tour

Location Map

The Map has two functions, depending on the version you're using. Inside the museum (Digital Guide), you can scan a QR-Code (or NFC) and the device will tell you where you are. Alternatively you can pick an artwork on you mobile screen, and it will directly show the according location on the map. In a more technically advanced environment - live-tracking inside the museum is also possible. Outside the museum (Digital Tour) you can jump to different spaces or directly to artworks.

- for Digital Guide

- for Digital Tour

Artworks Overview

Each line represents a space, room or series. Each circle shows a thumbnail-picture of the actual artwork. This provides an overview and enables the visitor to jump to any artwork or position , without the need to click through the whole tour manually.

- for Digital Guide

- for Digital Tour

360 Tour

360 Tours are really common and widely used. We offer you the opportunity to take the existing 360-pictures and upload them to - by doing so, you can curate a full exhibition based on the 360-pictures. Within the Curator's Tool you can edit connections between rooms, change perspectives and add content hotspots. Editing can be tedious work, but we’ve found a solution that requires minimum effort. The 360 Tour Module is only available for the Digital Tour - from Home.

- for Digital Tour

Sculpture Walk Around

A single picture of a sculpture doesn’t show the artwork in its entirety. Therefore, we offer a module that enables the visitor to use his thumb (mobile) or mouse (desktop) to move around an object. This content is tricky to create, but not expensive. Ask us for the best practice advice. In the museum, visitors are able to walk around sculptures themselves, therefore we have only applied that module to the home version.

- for Digital Tour

Curated Zoom

Artworks often contain many details that have much to tell. Writing about them helps visitors to focus on specific areas, but with the Curated Zoom Module, you can create a magnifying-glass-tour through each single picture. Moving from one zoomed-in detail to the next with written explanations about everything that there is to explore.

- for Digital Tour

now possible

Chances to Take


Offer art education that actively involves visitors in interaction. Ask the audience for feedback and provide a digital guestbook. Think of a new concept, a digital playground and we will evaluate and deliver the tools and modules to make it happen.


No closing hours, no durations, no global limitations. Offer your exhibition worldwide and make it available to people with less access to art and education. Decide whether you want to offer free entry, a ticket for a small fee or gather donations.

Limitless Space

A digital exhibition offers additional space. Plus, exhibitions can be accurately conserved for historians in the future. You will also be able to archive and separate internal and public contents.


Problem solving

How to keep up with fast evolving technologies?

Whats hot today is not tomorrow. We are your technical filter and tester. What we declare to be stable and functional will be available as a module for you to use. Inspire us, we will deliver.

What strategy to choose for the technical evolution?

While choosing one or more of all existing options is difficult enough, bringing them together on an aligned user friendly interface for all devices, is very difficult. We solve this problem by offering a multipurpose platform.

Building competences in-house or hiring agencies?

Yesterday, digital creation and editing was work for a pricey specialist. We offer a platform that is easy to customize, administrate and to edit. With specialization is only needed in the conception of art education and in content creation.

What budget to plan and how to adjust it's effectivity?

Plan your budget for content creation, such as pictures, audios and 360ties. All necessary modules and features are free. Unfortunately, for some specific services we need to charge you in order to cover costs – such as, the renting of longtime server-infrastructure in archiving and unique coding to connect to your existing file-management-system.

Recap / overview

and Features

Curators Tool
  • Self edited content
  • Drag & drop Curator Tool
  • Longtime digital archive
  • API to FilemakerPro, MuseumPlus
  • Statistics and KPIs
Full Digital Guide at the museum (offline)
  • Audioguide
  • Location Map
  • Deeper Descriptions
  • Gamification
  • Scan & jump to description
Full Digital Tour from home (online)
  • Enlarged Exhibition
  • 360 Tour
  • Curated Zoom
  • Sculpture Walk Around
  • Gift Shop Function

Where we come from began as an idea during the corona-pandemic. Witnessing the situation and experiencing the isolation caused many feelings of insecurity and we became afraid for the endurance of the art-sector. The digital services that were already on offer felt bumpy and somehow incomplete. So we went for it and began asking around about what was really needed.


Our technical know-how comes from Betacom, an Italian top 100 IT-company with 20 years of experience as an IT-Service-Provider, Consultancy and System-Integrator for all kind of industries. Fifteen out of the 450 employed engineers, UX- and UI-designers participated in the realization of this product. Whats more it was really fun working with all of the gorgeous people in the arts sector who helped us to realize this product. It was great team work!

As IT-solutions age fast, we will need to remain up-to-date with its evolution. Our major mission is to continuously develop the product-portfolio as well as maintain the software-stability. Join us, we welcome your contribution!



Play and create

We were contemplating, how the creation of digital exhibitions could be made easier. So during the 2020 lockdowns we decided to follow the actual workflow of curators and directors. Our results were sobering. There is no time for any additional work. We became aware of our real goal. The aim is to analyze the processes and to provide digital tools that support the daily workflow of people in the art sector.

Here is a list of common tools in our daily IT-engineering practice. Agile tools for project management (KANBAN Board), deadline monitoring and dependencies visualization (GANTT).

  • – Import of existing data
  • – Collect information from any medium, then sort or discard
  • – Combine and connect the dots
  • – Drag and drop document and content management
  • – Define, distribute, monitor and recap tasks
  • – Management of copyrights
  • – Visitor-Statistics
little brainstorming

What is possible?
Let's see...

Imagine you could curate an exhibition with a colleague on the other side of the globe. (Cooperative Mode)

Digital curating could become a new discipline, not only for young professionals to test, improve and show their skills – but also to establish large-scale collaborations and cooperations. This standardized platform makes it possible.

Artworks that can not be transported or even displayed, due to e.g. conservatory concerns,  can now be displayed digitally. Making existing data sets and content available to colleagues around the world.

Artworks that can not be physically displayed, due to a lack of space, can also be shown digitally. Make the physical archive / depot a place to be visited digitally.

Live streaming an exhibition opening? Live interaction between museum visitors from Berlin and Tokyo? Invite visitors to participate in the creation of artworks? Think of something and we’ll make it possible!

Cooperative Mode

Create exhibitions with colleagues around the globe.

Standardized Contents

Create content around an artwork and share it


Split exhibitions with other museums

Depot visibility

Show currently not exposed artworks


Kick Start your Digital Strategy


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